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Adventures in the Humbling of Men

Tales of real life humiliation of the male and over 620 images within


Throughout my life I have gained tremendous pleasure from observing hard, strong, young men being degraded and then tortured by women such as myself.

I have learnt how healthy, athletic youths lull themselves into a false sence of security which allows them to be easily ensnared by my schemes.

They are then reluctantly forced down a path of shocking misery which leads to total humiliation. Humiliation which is so overpowering and evil in its execution that they cannot speak of it to anyone - far less complain or seek revenge.

The only witnesses are myself and my group of girlfriends. Together we identify an unwilling victim - usually a good looking, sporty guy, perhaps a bit cocky. We then concoct a plan which reduces the man over a period of hours or indeed weeks to a naked, tearful slave, totally broken and in our control, living a life of acute anxiety and torment to our utter amusement and hilarity.

This can be anything from our ganging up on a drunk naked man out on his bachlor party providing us with entertainment for an evening to the meticulously planned blackmailing of a group of young bodybuilders to become our naked ponyboys for a weekend’s racing fun.

Within the pages of this site you will find many many photos of our exploits and those of similar fun loving and evil women with their wretched male slaves.

Look at these once proud men, cowering, with faces contorted in terror, tears running down their cheeks - while we are only crying with laughter!

I know that you will be pleasured seeing the sorts of things we get up to. Such pure pleasure you can only experience from the systematic degradation of men.

- Mistress Adrien.

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